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Deliveroo Launches Vegan 'My Sandwich' With Gravy-soaked Middle Layer

Deliveroo Launches Vegan 'My Sandwich' With Gravy-soaked Middle Layer

by Agi Kaja

With Brits heading back to the office where they will once again experience shared fridges, Deliveroo has recreated the ultimate vegan sandwich with a gravy soaked moist making middle layer that is so delicious, it is at risk of being stolen...

Priced at just £1.00, “MY SANDWICH!!” comes as Deliveroo wants to make desk lunches more enjoyable thanks to the triple-layered, delicious meal. 

Deliveroo's new item is the vegan version of the famous Ross' sandwich from 'Friends' TV series. Known as “My Sandwich” and “The Moist Maker,” the sandwich appeared in season 5, episode 9 of popular TV show. 

Made only once a year by his sister Monica with leftover Thanksgiving turkey, appears to be Ross's favourite. Ross takes the leftover sandwich to work, and gets upset with one of his co-workers who found it in the fridge and ate most of it. 

Office fridges have always been a hot-spot for lunch lifting, so to prevent this mouth-watering lunch-in-the-office sandwich from being stolen, Deliveroo has pre-printed a post-it on the compostable packaging that reads “MY SANDWICH!!”

The sandwich is made with seeded granary bread, roasted plant-based meat, homemade garlic and herb vegan  mayonnaise, sweet potato, cranberry sauce, crispy onions for added crunch, sage and onion stuffing, salad leaves and, of course, homemade vegan gravy soaked into the middle bread layer of the sandwich.

Deliveroo spokesperson Aisha Jefferson, said: “Those heading back to the office will be able to get their hands on a sandwich that’s good enough to steal as we’ve recreated an office sandwich so famously delicious, colleagues will be reaching into the communal fridge to swipe it. But fear not, thanks to a special post-it note on every item saying “MY SANDWICH!!”, work mates won’t go near it. Available to order in London, Manchester or Brighton, one of our riders will deliver it fresh to your office door or at home for just £1. Such a steal.”

The limited edition sandwich is available to Deliveroo customers across London, Manchester and Brighton until sold out.


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