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New NOMO Orange Chocolate Is Both Vegan And Allergy Free

New NOMO Orange Chocolate Is Both Vegan And Allergy Free

by Agi Kaja

NOMO – the UK’s number one vegan and free from chocolate brand is launching its Choc Orange Crunch bar. The latest creation is a game changer for vegan and free-from fans.

Chocolate orange is having a major resurgence and NOMO wants to make sure no-one misses out on the trend by creating the only vegan chocolate orange that is also free from the four major allergens.

The delicious vegan chocolate treat is sure to become a staple for Britain’s choc orange lovers who may have had to miss out on the incredible flavour in the past due to allergies and intolerances or by choosing to follow a plant-based diet.

The new bar on the block is made with NOMO’s signature creamy choc recipe. Choc Orange Crunch bar is flavoured with natural orange and dotted with cocoa nibs. It is a perfect combination of vibrant flavour with a smooth and slightly crunchy texture.

This launch follows a hugely successful year for NOMO as they continue to revolutionise vegan and free from chocolate with a raft of new products including Nomster lollies - NOMO’s first kids' product – and giant NOMO buttons. 

NOMO has a strong following of both loyal and new customers. On average, NOMO is bought twice as often as its competitors.

Jacqueline Tyrrell, Brand Manager at NOMO said: We’re so proud to be expanding our chocolate range, continuing to grow and meet the needs of vegan and free from consumers. Chocolate orange has always been a firm favourite within the chocolate market, so it was a must for NOMO to bring the flavour to the range. With zingy orange notes and a subtle cocoa nib crunch, our delicious Choc Orange Crunch Bar is sure to delight NOMO fans and entice newcomers to try the brand.” 

Agi Kaja

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