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  • Vegan Christmas: Festive vegan dinner ideas

    Just because you’ve decided to ditch meat and give up dairy it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a traditional Christmas dinner. These festive vegan dishes prove there’s much more to a cruelty free Christmas than a dry nut roast.

  • Vegan Lifestyle: Ten Terrifyingly Tasty Vegan Halloween Recipes

    The scariest night of the year is almost upon us but have no fear as we have some frightfully fun vegan Halloween recipes to get your creative juices flowing.

    There’s nothing as frightening as what happens in the meat and dairy industries so of course, all of these Halloween sweets and treats are 100% vegan.

    Whether you’re planning on throwing a haunted Halloween dinner, making spooky sweets to share with trick or treaters or planning to devour some edible horror behind closed doors, make these at your peril as they’re so spookily delicious they’ll leave you wanting more.

  • Vegan Food: Ten Hearty, Delicious, Vegan Autumn Comfort Dishes

    So what are the best things about Autumn? Breathing in fresh, crisp air, walking through leaves falling on rusty-golden woodland, hot, steaming mulled wine… and eating the stodgiest, heartiest, carbiest and most comforting food you can lay your hands on! And what’s even better? A more care-free attitude to eating that comes with a new Autumn wardrobe of chunky, cosy jumpers and long, winter coats.