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  • Vegan Milks 101: Which should you choose?

    If you have found this blog post, you were perhaps already browsing through our amazing Plant Based Milk section of TheVeganKind Supermarket, or searching something like ‘Best Vegan Milk’ on the internet. Either way, we hope to offer some advice on the best types of non-dairy milk for you to try.

  • We are Crowdfunding - Please support TheVeganKind - We need your help!

    ​Hello to all of our awesome friends and customers,

    We are Scott and Karris, and we started TheVeganKind from our living room table five years ago. We’ve been on an incredible journey since then, quickly moving operations out of our living room into a small unit, then into a bigger unit, growing our amazing team, and of course both leaving our own careers to dedicate ourselves to this business and movement that we are deeply passionate about and love so much. We’ve done it all without any investment, by being careful with our money, being careful with our decisions and only employing the absolute best, dedicated and committed team that we could find. We’ve been incredibly successful on our journey so far, but we’ve reached another turning point in our business which is both exciting yet scary!

  • Daiya hits the UK - and TheVeganKind Supermarket will be stocking them!

    We are super excited to be bringing you the news that Daiya will soon be stocked at TheVeganKind Supermarket!

  • 5am Club Explained – How to make the most of recalibrating your waking hours.

    It’s 5.07am and I’m sitting at my laptop already. I’ve actually already taken Tyson (the dog) for a half hour walk. Have I lost my mind? Definitely not. On the contrary, this switch of waking hours has done me the world of good in recent years

  • DITCH DAIRY - 5 Awesome Dairy Free Alternatives

    Giving up dairy will transform your health and delight your taste buds! Below we outline 5 of our favourite non-dairy, vegan products.

  • Join the March for Animal Liberation in London Next Week

    Join the March for Animal Liberation in London Next Week

    ‘The Official Animal Rights March’ and protest is taking place on the 2nd of September in London city centre and organisers predict it will be the biggest animal welfare demonstration the city has ever seen!


    A major US university is to engineer plant based meat that will satisfy meat lovers!

    Berkeley University in California has just announced plans to create an alternative meat lab.

    The new facility will give Berkeley’s science students the opportunity to develop plant-based meat alternatives which meat-eaters can enjoy.

  • COW Vs SOY; National Farmers Union Launches Offensive in Response to World Plant Milk Day!

    This week marks the beginning of an anti-dairy campaign pioneered by a number of vegan activist groups as well the instigation of the ‘Proud of Dairy Movement’ coordinated by the National Farmers Union.

  • COMPETITION - Win a £100, £50 or £25 TVK Supermarket Voucher!

    Remember Supermarket Sweep? Dale Winton?