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  • China Declares Dogs ‘Companions’ Not ‘Livestock’ Ahead Of Yulin Dog Meat Festival

    China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has announced that dogs are now officially recognised as “companions”.

  • Vegan Egg Brand JUST Has Sold The Equivalent Of 40 Million Chicken Eggs

    Vegan egg substitute producer JUST announced that it had sold the equivalent of more than 40 million eggs — all made from plants. The company reported an increase in sales of more than 32 million vegan eggs since July 2019.

  • Wuhan Officially Bans Consumption Of Wild Animals & Becomes A “Wildlife Sanctuary”

    Local authorities in the Chinese city of Wuhan announced a ban on the hunting, trade, sale, and consumption of wild animals.

  • PETA Urges Royal Mail To Create Stamps With Vegan Message

    Animal rights organisation PETA is urging The Royal Mail to create a limited-edition stamp bearing a vegan message amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • 70 Dogs Saved From Dog Farm In South Korea - Farmer Will Now Grow Veggies

    ​Seventy dogs from a dog farm have been saved in South Korea last week. The rescue was originally scheduled for March,but had to be delayed due to a pandemic. ​

  • US Biotechnology Company Debuts Sustainable Vegan Pet Food

    ​Bond Pet Foods, Inc. has launched its first consumer product - the Protein-Packed Dog Treat Bar. Approved by veterinary nutritionists, this protein-rich sustainable snack provides high quality, supplemental nutrition to dog’s diet.

  • Mulberry Bans Exotic Skins From Its Collections

    British luxury brand Mulberry has confirmed it banned exotic skins from all its designs and future collections.

  • Beijing Has Banned Consumption Of Wild Animals

    The capital of China is the last city to ban the trade and consumption of wild animals.

  • HBO Talk Show Star Bill Maher Compares Factory Farms To Chinese Wet Markets

    HBO talk show host Bill Maher described factory farming as crimes against nature, contributing to the destruction of the environment and public health.

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