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  • Korean Cosmetics Giant Launches Vegan Brand

    Amorepacific, a major cosmetics manufacturer in South Korea, has launched a vegan brand called Enough Project.

  • Vegan Skincare Brand Offers Free Hand Sanitisers To Local Community

    London based vegan beauty startup Five Dot Botanics has been donating free hand sanitiser to local charity organisations in Brockley.

  • Vegan Beauty Brand Launches Products In Biodegradeable Seaweed Capsules

    Vegan cosmetics brand Bolt Beauty has introduced innovative sustainable skincare products.

  • New Plant-Based Meat 'Pulled Oats' Debuts in the USA

    ​Pulled Oats is a plant-based protein developed in Finland in 2015 by Gold&Green Foods Ltd.

  • Danone Invests 10 Million Dollars In Vegan Superfoods Brand

    Vegan brand Laird Superfood announced that it closed a $10 million investment round.

  • UK Vegan Haircare Brand Debuts In US

    ​British cruelty-free brand Noughty Haircare has launched two lines of hair care products in the United States.

  • Biotechnology Startup Develops Animal-Free Protein For Cosmetic Industry

    Biodesign startup Geltor known for its animal-free collagen ingredient has released a new product. Elastapure is the first 100 per cent vegan elastin which is a crucial ingredient in the cosmetic industry.

  • Plastic-Free Vegan Cosmetics Brand Secures 3 Million Dollars Investment

    Sustainable beauty company Nohbo announced that it had raised $3 million in a Series Seed funding round.

  • Vegan Leather Market Will Be Worth £73 Billion By 2025

    According to a new report by Infinium Global Research, the vegan leather market will be worth $73 billion by 2025.

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