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  • Plant Based Food Sales Surpassed Growth In Other Categories During Crisis

    Plant-based food sales growth exceeded total food sales during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Vegan Company Develops Eco-friendly Bio-Leather Made From Microorganisms

    South American company Le Qara has created an innovative biodegradable leather substitute that is made from microorganisms.

  • JUST Partners With Michael Foods To Distribute Plant-Based Eggs Across The US

    Michael Foods will be the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of JUST eggs products to restaurants and foodservice outlets across the US.

  • UK Vegan Brand Meatless Farm Expands To Australia

    UK vegan brand The Meatless Farm Co. has launched its products in Australia, which is the world’s third fastest-growing market for plant-based foods.

  • Dutch Company Developed Plant-Based Plastic Bottles That Degrade In One Year

    Dutch renewable chemicals company Avantium comes with a sustainable solution to plastic pollution

  • New Vegan-Friendly Sticker Campaign Will Help You Find Vegan Options In The UK

    A non-profit organisation Vegan-Friendly UK has launched a certification program for vegan-friendly businesses.

  • Oatly To Become Even More Sustainable And Deliver Its Products By Electric Trucks

    Plant-based milk maker Oatly and tech company Einride (both companies are based in Sweden) announced a partnership where Oatly will transition the delivery of its products to an all-electric fleet produced by Einride.

  • Korean Company Launches World’s First Plant-Based Salt That Is Low In Sodium & Microplastic-Free

    ​South Korean plant-based producer PhytoCo has officially launched its world-first plant-based salt - PhytoSalt.

  • Danone Aims To Double Its Plant-Based Sales By 2025

    International food giant Danone announced it is seeking to expand its plant-based category in Europe and increase plant-based sales worldwide from around €2 billion in 2019 to around €5 billion by 2025.

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