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  • Venus Williams Reveals Her Diet Is (Mostly) Vegan

    Tennis champion and successful entrepreneur Venus Williams has seven Grand Slam titles and runs two companies. She admits that what gives her so much energy is mainly vegan food.

  • British Navy Aircraft Carriers Introduce Vegan Menus For Sailors

    British sailors who work on aircraft carriers can now taste the vegan lifestyle on the sea.

  • Wuhan Officially Bans Consumption Of Wild Animals & Becomes A “Wildlife Sanctuary”

    Local authorities in the Chinese city of Wuhan announced a ban on the hunting, trade, sale, and consumption of wild animals.

  • Swedish Vegan Food Maker Hälsa Is Looking For A Summer Love Song

    Swedish producer of plant-based yoghurt Hälsa has launched an international Hälsa Summer 2020 Love Song Contest.

  • Artists, Scientists And Celebrities Say “No To A Return To Normal” In Coronavirus Wake And Call For Action To “Avoid Ecological Disaster”

    A group of over 200 scientists, artists and celebrities from around the world has signed an editorial published in the French magazine Le Monde, urging “to undertake a profound overhaul of our goals, values, and economies,” in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

  • Scottish Prisoners And Ex-cons To Open Vegan Fine-Dining Restaurant In The Jail's Social Club

    A new vegan fine-dining restaurant is set to be opened in a maximum-security prison in Scotland. The place will be run by prisoners and ex-convicts offering them a second chance in life through embracing the vegan lifestyle.

  • PETA Urges Royal Mail To Create Stamps With Vegan Message

    Animal rights organisation PETA is urging The Royal Mail to create a limited-edition stamp bearing a vegan message amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Football Star Caleb Richards Publishes A Book For Vegan Athletes

    Norwich City’s star Caleb Richards has launched an e-book called “The Transition – An Athlete’s Guide To A Meat-Free Diet.”

  • Michelle Obama Partners With Plant-Based Meat Brand

    ​Michelle Obama’s charity Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) hosted its 10th-anniversary summit online amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The online event featured discussion panels about the importance of a plant-based diet.

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