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  • Premier League Football Club Shares Vegan Recipes For Fans

    ​Premier League football club West Ham United has published vegan and vegetarian recipes on its website for supporters who stay at home during the lockdown.

  • Tori Amos Recommends Cooking Vegan Meals During Quarantine

    Tori Amos was asked by media platform to recommend one thing that is helping her get through the days of isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • How Do You Make a Dairy Free Mac & Cheese? Just Add Mylk

    A delicious vegan mac & cheese recipe brought to you by Rebel Kitchen and featuring their Semi-Skimmed Mylk!

  • Common Questions Answered – Do Vegans Not Miss Meat!?

    TheVeganKind answer the most common questions about plant-based nutrition - do vegans not miss meat?

  • TheVeganKind Christmas Countdown Has Begun!

    Advent Calendar deliveries mean one thing, TheVeganKind Christmas Countdown has officially begun!

  • Are You Prepared for Chocolate Week!?

    The 15th October marks the beginning of chocolate week! Make sure you stock up on your chocolate supplies with TVK!

  • Celebrate Halloween with TheVeganKind!

    Celebrate a Vegan Halloween with TVK!

  • Cholesterol Awareness Month - Why going vegan is the best choice for a healthy heart

    October is officially Cholesterol Awareness Month! Here is why you should go vegan to obtain a healthy heart for good!

  • Common Questions Answered – Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein?

    TheVeganKind answer the most common questions about plant-based nutrition - Where do vegans get their protein!?

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