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  • TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review #TVK55

    Did you guys enjoy your May box in the lovely blazing sun? We did! These past couple of weeks have been scorching by our Scottish standards and so we brought our snacks from this box to enjoy at a weekend picnic!

    Let’s take a dive into the products you hopefully have also been enjoying in lovely weather:

  • Top 5 Destinations For Last Minute Vegan Holidays

    For all the last minute holiday planners out there, we’re with you. When it comes to daydreaming of sun, sand and delicious vegan delights, we’re all over it, but the planning can be a different story altogether. So if you’re looking for a wee Summer break away filled with tasty vegan food, but your inspo is lacking, let us help you out with 5 of our top friendly vegan holiday destinations below.

  • TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review #TVK54

    We hope you enjoyed your April lifestyle box! In the midst of unexpectedly very snowy weather here in Scotland, we can’t wait for summer and it doesn’t feel so far away now!

    Let’s take a look at the awesome products you enjoyed this April.

  • Daiya hits the UK - and TheVeganKind Supermarket will be stocking them!

    We are super excited to be bringing you the news that Daiya will soon be stocked at TheVeganKind Supermarket!

  • TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review #TVK53

    We hope you enjoyed your delicious Easter box! There is an exciting mix of products from all over the world in this box with the Punku Cookies from Bolivia, the Ecodenta toothpaste from Lithiuania, Mr Organic Garlic Mayo Italy, Trek, Fuel10k, Super Moons and Considerit are both British companies, with Super Moons and Considerit local to us in Scotland!

    So let’s take a wee look at the international products which kept you company this Easter.

  • 5am Club Explained – How to make the most of recalibrating your waking hours.

    It’s 5.07am and I’m sitting at my laptop already. I’ve actually already taken Tyson (the dog) for a half hour walk. Have I lost my mind? Definitely not. On the contrary, this switch of waking hours has done me the world of good in recent years

  • TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review #TVK52

    We hope you fell in love with your February Valentines Box! With all those delicious treats, how could you not swoon?

    Let’s take a look at the vegan goodies in your February box.

  • Top 5 Tips For Vegan Travelers

    Travelling as a vegan? We’ve got your back!

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