#TVK4 (February 2014)


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Kale Chips 30g (RRP £2.19) (Various Flavours)

Kale Chips 30g (RRP £2.19) (Various Flavours)

Want a healthy alternative to deep fried potato crisps and high-waste packaging?

Want an organic, natural snack that tastes even better and is ecologically packaged?

Want a nutritious snack that is irresistibly more-ish, appealing to adults & children alike? inSpiral Raw Kale Chips are convenient & ready-to-eat. Perfect for lunch boxes or anytime!

organic • vegan • raw • gluten free • soya free • cholesterol free • trans fat free • no added cane sugar • 100% natural • no MSG or artificial additives • GMO free

www.inspiral.co @inspiralled
Sugared Almond Shower Gel 250ml (RRP £4.35)

Sugared Almond Shower Gel 250ml (RRP £4.35)

Organic Surge are an affordably priced range of products bursting with skin-loving, naturally-derived ingredients and certified organic essential oils. Sugared Almond Shower Gel contains organic almond and palmarosa essential oils, which gently moisturise and nourish the skin with a softening, smoothing effect. Enriched with natural aloe vera and glycerine, which actively attracts moisture to the skin, allowing it to remain hydrated and feeling super soft. (98.89% natural shower gel)

www.organicsurge.com @organicsurge
Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate 320g (RRP £3.59)

Choc Shot Liquid Chocolate 320g (RRP £3.59)

Liquid hot chocolate that's not just for drinking! 100% natural, sweetened with a magic ingredient, award winning Sweet Freedom! Only 14 calories per teaspoon, Low GI / GL - no energy highs and lows, suitable for diabetics as part of a healthy diet. NO artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. There are so many uses for this magic potion you won't even know where to begin! Available at Tesco and Ocado in the UK.

www.chocshot.co.uk @chocshot
Cinder Toffee 50g (RRP £1.50)

Cinder Toffee 50g (RRP £1.50)

We love this yummy honeycomb cinder toffee from the fabulous 1066 Cake Stand vegan cake shop at 82 Queens Road, Hastings. Eat this with ice cream, or drizzle with your hot choc to make your very own vegan 'crunchie'! 1066 Cake Stand are a Vegan Bakery with dedicated gluten free kitchen. Serving homebaked cakes and savoury snacks and with a Herbal tea bar and light lunches/snack of the day they are open 11-3 Mon - Fri & 11-5 Saturday. They stock a selection of gluten free & vegan candy & cookies plus their own vegan recipe books!

www.1066cakestand.co.uk @shelleyf1066
Pressed Fruit & Oat Bars (Gluten Free) 35g (RRP £0.99) (Various Flavours)

Pressed Fruit & Oat Bars (Gluten Free) 35g (RRP £0.99) (Various Flavours)

Braw is a health conscious food company based in Scotland who create positive, tasty foods that help you snack guilt free, anywhere, anytime! Each bar is gluten free, and one of your 5 a day. Pretty simple right? No Additives, no preservatives, no synthetic alternatives and no added sugar, just the natural sugars from the fruit. All Braw bar bites are under 120 calories and because they have a high a high energy density they help you feel full. So you can enjoy your snack without feeling guilty about spoiling your next meal. Which flavour did you get?!

www.brawfood.co.uk @brawfood

Self Sufficient Cafe’s Bean Sushi

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Society for Abandoned Animals

10p from each sale of this box was donated to Society for Abandoned Animals.

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