Super Green Smoothie

Super Green Smoothie
Serves: 1
Author: Fresh Heather


1 cup kale
1 cup spinach
1 frozen banana
1 ripe pear
1/2 cup ice
1 tsp flax seeds
1 tsp chia seeds

1/2 tsp spirulina
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup almond milk
1 tsp banana powder (optional)

To sweeten, use 2–3 medjool dates or 2–3 tsp maple syrup


  1. Place everything in a blender and blitz until smooth.
  2. For the banana hearts, take a straight (not curved) section of a banana and on one side, carve two ends away to form the bottom point.
  3. Curve round the two other sides and cut a triangular segment out of the top centre (on the opposite side of the bottom point).
  4. Cut into thin slices, each of which should be a heart shape.
  5. Serve and Enjoy!